Boston Red Sox Photos: Summer Camp Simulated Game.

During yesterday’s workout, the Red Sox held a simulated intra squad game as the team continues to ramp up for the start of the 2020 season. Here are a few quick images. 

Boston Red Sox Photos: Summer Camp Workouts Continue.

Summer Camp workouts at Fenway Park continued on Wednesday with players working in groups throughout the day. Starting to figure out a rhythm here, but it’s going to take some more work. 

Boston Red Sox Photos: Summer Camp Workouts Begin.

Today marks my first day shooting Boston Red Sox Summer Camp workouts at Fenway Park. I need to figure out how to navigate the ballpark and work with the restrictions in place to get compelling stuff in this new COVID era. It’ll be a fun challenge for sure.  

Boston Red Sox Photos: Players Arrive For Summer Camp.

Last week, Boston Red Sox players reported to Fenway Park for Summer Camp. The training period marks the beginning of the 2020 Major League Baseball season after it was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Below is a gallery of images from the arrival activity.

Personal Work: Boston Fitness.

Here is some new personal fitness work I shot recently in Boston. A big thanks to personal trainer Dre Mayes for working with me for this shoot! Here’s a behind the scenes video I made for YouTube as well.

Boston Red Sox Photos: FaceTime Portraits.

Here’s a sign of the times! These are portraits I recently shot from home of several of the Boston Red Sox players via FaceTime. I typically like to shoot creative portraits of our players throughout each season, so given the circumstances with COVID-19 and a lack of baseball season, I decided to try this out. 

Above are the results, as well as a behind the scenes video I made on YouTube. Here are some articles in FStoppers, PetaPixel, and DP Review about the process.

I think we’ll look back on these and be reminded of what a strange time this was. 

YouTube Video: Crop Your Photos For Impact In Photoshop.

A good crop is an important last step in polishing off your photography. Here are a few tips I put together in a YouTube video to take your cropping to the next level using photoshop.

I’ve been enjoying grinding on this YouTube channel!

YouTube Video: Staying Creative With Photography During Quarantine.

This whole quarantine thing has been tough for a creative like me who is used to being out and about and on the go at all times. So, I forced myself to get out there and shoot, and I made a video about it!

YouTube Video: Color Correct Like A Pro With Simple Photo Editing in Photoshop.

Here’s a recent video I put up on my YouTube channel showing how to edit your photos like a professional using Adobe Photoshop.  I also made a brief video explaining the differences between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO!



YouTube Video: How To Make A Photography Portfolio.

Starting a photography portfolio isn’t as tough as you think, even if you’re a beginner photographer! Here are five secrets and tips straight from the top level of the photography industry to build your portfolio and get hired as a photographer. Here’s a recent YouTube video I made.