Bawlmer, Hon!

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Nothing says Baltimore like the annual honfest in Hampden, Maryland.

The festival celebrates “hon,” a Baltimore slang term of endearment. Short for “honey,” the term epitomizes the friendliness shown throughout history by the working women of Baltimore. At honfest, locals celebrate this history by dressing up in over-the-top 1960’s vintage attire.

Honfest also features the “Baltimore’s Best Hon” contest every year. Contestants “must have a unique HON style, command of our beloved language, “Bawlmerese,” and a great personality,” according to the honfest website.

I’d never been to honfest despite having lived in Baltimore for twenty years. As shown in this video I shot and edited, there were some real characters roaming up and down 36th Street.

Besides the ridiculous fashion that hons are so well known for, I was most intrigued by the copious use of “Bawlmerese.” The Baltimore accent is certainly unique.

I had this in mind while I was shooting, and I think it serves well as the main thread of the video, hon.

2 thoughts on “Bawlmer, Hon!

  1. hey billie, this turned out great! nice work. your internship sounds like it will be a terrific experience for you. good luck!

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