Slowly, But Surely.

It doesn’t look like much from these photos, but it’s taken me almost a month of organizing, rearranging, and cleaning just to get the newsroom of The Quindecim to look like this.

I spend my days off from The Sun transforming this office, one step at a time.

It’s starting to come together. Putting up the string of lights around the top of the room and moving the couch and exposing the fireplace give the space some feeling. Yesterday, I got some basic office supplies, which we’ve never had in my three years with the paper. I’ve moved the furniture around to make the room more functional.

I know I’ve made significant progress with our previously roach infested workspace, but sometimes it feels like I’m making none.

There are so many things that need to be done.

I keep telling myself that as long as I accomplish something each day, it will be set by the time the semester starts and it’ll be a great place to work.

“The Ripken Way.”

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The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation hosted the Badges for Baseball summer camp today at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, Maryland. The mentoring program, which teaches life lessons through baseball, brings law enforcement personnel together with underprivileged children.

This assignment was quick, straightforward, and exactly what I expected. Because the success of an event depends so greatly on the PR put out by those involved, answers for interviews tend to be rather generic or obvious.

I think that was noticeable with this assignment, and that’s why I had the most fun talking to the kids.

They were candid.

The two boys from Houston just kept babbling about the plane ride to Baltimore and Bill Ripken’s floppy hat, for example.

“Israel strives for peace.”

"A demonstrator from Baltimore, Maryland, gathers with friends on the corner of Pratt and Light streets in downtown Baltimore Friday, June 4, 2010, to march with members of the Baltimore Zionist District."

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It seems like I’ve only been covering sports lately, so it was nice to be reminded Friday in the midst of my Orioles reporting that there are, in fact, other things happening in Baltimore.

Nearly a hundred people gathered downtown on Friday to show their support for Israel. The peaceful demonstration was organized by the Baltimore Zionist district, a non-profit organization which creates connections between Israel and the local community.

This happened on the busiest street in Baltimore in the middle of a work day. I could feel the cars speeding behind my back as I stood in the right lane of Pratt Street taking photos. People were screaming and honking their horns. I was amped from the energy out there.

Here’s a still I took, and the video for The Sun that I edited.

Out With The Old, In With The New.

“Former Baltimore Orioles’ third base coach, Juan Samuel, laughs between innings of a baseball game Sunday, May 31, 2009 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. He was recently hired as interim manager after former manager, Dave Trembley, was fired.”

"Former Baltimore Orioles' manager, Dave Trembley (left), jokes with shortstop Robert Andino before the start of a baseball game Saturday, August 15, 2009 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards."

With all the recent hype about the Baltimore Orioles’ managerial changes, I decided to look back at my work from my internship last year.

I came up with these two images, both of which are a bit ironic in their own ways.

Juan Samuel’s reputation as a disciplinarian has been cited as precisely what the Orioles need right now. In the time I spent sitting in the photo pits right behind third base and beside the Orioles’ dugout, I did notice that he was always quite vocal and pointed out players’ mistakes. This frame shows a side of him many haven’t been mentioning throughout the transition.

Once I came across the shot of Trembley and Andino, I knew I had to post it in light of the recent news. I took this photo last year on the day the Orioles announced their vote of confidence in Trembley, solidifying his job for the rest of the season. Now, they did fire him.

Everyone has different opinions about his time with the O’s. Regardless, this was one of his nicest moments I captured last year.

He was all smiles that day, and I’ll never forget it.

Baltimore Reacts.

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The other interns and I went out on Friday to get some fan reaction to the firing of Baltimore Orioles’ manager, Dave Trembley. Here’s the video Kirby Mills shot and edited. I shot stills of each of these people, which ran in the sports section of Saturday’s print version of The Sun.

Between the swarm of Boston Red Sox fans inhabiting Baltimore for that night’s game, a general lack of knowledge about or enthusiasm for the Orioles, and trodding through the city in the 95 degree heat, this assignment turned out to be a bit more difficult than I thought it would be.

Nevertheless, it was interesting to hear what people thought about the change. I think we gathered a good mix of opinions.

Trembley Fired.

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The Baltimore Orioles have fired Manager Dave Trembley, and will announce Third Base Coach Juan Samuel as Interim Manager in a press conference later today.

Here is a slide show that Kirby Mills and I put together, with analysis by The Baltimore Sun’s Orioles Insider blogger, Dean Jones Jr.

Follow The Baltimore Sun for continuing coverage of the firing, both in print and online. Check back later to see fan reaction to the latest Orioles’ moves.

Ed Dickson.

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Here’s a locker room interview with Baltimore Ravens’ rookie tight end, Ed Dickson.

It’s very brief, but I always try to find something to build on, no matter how small the assignment.

In this case, I realized that I didn’t stake out my camera spot quickly enough. I was behind a circle of reporters when I shot this. That’s why you see some other faces occasionally popping into view.

It’s important to claim a good spot within the huddle of reporters and camera people.

Lesson learned!

Rookie Day.

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The new players weren’t the only rookies present at the Baltimore Ravens mini-camp today.

I was also a rookie, as this was my first time covering the purple and black. I was sent to shoot a press conference with Head Coach John Harbaugh after morning practice at the Ravens’ training facility in Owings Mills, Maryland, commonly known as “The Castle.”

From what I’ve been told, there wasn’t much going on today because it was “just the rookies.” For me, however, everything was new.

After working for the Baltimore Orioles last year, I’ve gotten a unique perspective on how professional sports organizations operate. It was interesting to note the differences in how the two clubs are organized. At the same time, I picked up on certain aspects that were nearly identical.

Mainly, it was unbelievable to see how much bigger these rookies were then most of the professional baseball players I’ve been around. Football players may look big on television, but after shooting some interviews in the locker room today, I was taken aback by how much bigger they are in real life.

That’s the nature of the game, I suppose.

These were the highlights from Harbaugh’s press conference. Check back tomorrow for a locker room interview with rookie tight end, Ed Dickson.

Many thanks to Leeann Adams for storming the castle with me, showing me around, and sharing her video expertise.

Circle Of The Immortals.

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Between Memorial Day 2009 and Memorial Day 2010, ten soldiers with substantial ties to Maryland were killed while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Yesterday, they were honored at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens in Timonium, Maryland.

I’m satisfied with this video that I shot and edited. There are a few parts of the ceremony I wish I had shot differently and I think I could have edited some of the transitions more smoothly.

24 hours after, however, I find myself reflecting on the day itself rather than on my own work.

This ceremony was a lot to take in, yet several details have occupied my thoughts.

First is Mr. Donald Bohle. His 29-year old son, Sergeant 1st Class Bradley S. Bohle, was killed in Afghanistan just last September, yet the pride and composure with which he spoke and carried himself throughout the day was inspiring.

Secondly, soldiers, families of the deceased, spectators, media, young children, and war veterans were all in attendance. It’s not often that one finds such a diverse crowd gathered in the same place. Yet despite this rare mix of people, there was a profound sense of togetherness that filled the garden’s Circle of the Immortals.

We’re extremely lucky to have the freedom to express our thoughts and ideas. I was reminded yesterday that it’s because of these brave men and women who serve our country that we are able to do so.

As a student and a journalist, I’m grateful for their defense of freedom and humbled by their sacrifices.