"Visitors observe the Amazing Jellies exhibit at the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts Monday, August 16, 2010."

The aquarium in Boston had a special Jellyfish exhibit up when some friends and I went yesterday. The jellyfish themselves were neat, but I was hypnotized by this fluorescent blue light that filled one of the tanks.

I could have stood in front of this window and watched people admire the creatures for hours. I was there for about 3 minutes and snapped off over 20 frames.

Fenway Park.

"A grounds crew worker cuts the outfield grass in Boston's historic Fenway Park Sunday, August 15, 2010 after a performance by Aerosmith and the J. Geils Band the night before."

"A member of the grounds crew walks through rows of empty seats at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts Sunday, August 15, 2010."

I took a tour of Fenway Park during my visit to Boston this weekend.

The only thing I could think about during the entire tour was how much I wished I worked as a photographer there. Covering the last place Baltimore Orioles day in and day out last year was incredibly exciting. I can’t imagine working in a ballpark that’s nearly 100 years old in a city that goes crazy over their baseball team.

So, instead of listening to most of what our tour guide told us, I took photographs and promised myself that I’ll get there one way or another.

Aerosmith had just played to a sold out Fenway audience the night before, so the grounds crew was working to get the field back into baseball shape. The bustle on the field caught my eye more than The Green Monster, Pesky’s Pole, and the other historic, recognizable parts of the stadium.

I noticed that these two shots are strikingly similar and work well as a pair.

Graduate School

"The sun sets behind Alma Mater, a statue of the goddess Minerva, at Columbia University in New York City Sunday, August 8, 2010."

It’s hard to believe how quickly these four years have passed by.

I went to New York City this weekend to look at some Graduate programs for Journalism. I haven’t yet decided that Graduate School will be my next step, but I want to keep my options open for life after Goucher College.

I learned a lot this weekend and looked at some truly impressive programs. New York City was equally impressive, and Baltimore seemed like a bit of a ghost town when I drove in this morning.

This was one of the many good-looking statues on the campus of Columbia University in Morningside Heights. This shot turned out nicely: a Greek goddess silhouetted against a sky made of fire and ice.

Vendors sell sports memorabilia at National Convention — Baltimore Sun Video

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“Failure liberates you; it liberates you from the fear of failure; it liberates you from the delusion you can somehow be flawless.”

-Samuel G. Freedman from “Letters to a Young Journalist.”

I’ve learned by now that having a bad shooting day every now and then is inevitable. It’s part of the daily grind. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I’ve found that on my better days, I don’t have to make a conscious effort to search for an interesting angle. It surfaces on its own. Yesterday, it felt forced. Nothing stood out or caught my eye, and I was thinking too much and not doing enough.

I’m reminded of the mental aspect of tennis, something I’ve learned a lot about over the past few years. When your game is on, you aren’t thinking at all, and the mistakes you make escape your mind immediately. When you aren’t playing well, all you can think about is what you’re doing wrong.

I think that same frame of mind can be applied to photojournalism. Luckily, this is a profession in which you prove yourself anew every day.

Thanks to Chris Assaf for his editing wisdom.

Ravens’ Harbaugh on Gaither, Heap, McClain — Baltimore Sun Video

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Here is some footage I edited from a press conference at Ravens Training Camp on Monday. Head Coach John Harbaugh addressed concerns about several players who have already been plagued by injuries this year.

This is one in a series of many posts and updates leading up to the regular season. I’ll post my reflections on covering the Baltimore Ravens as the end of training camp approaches.

Inter Milan, Manchester City play in Baltimore — Baltimore Sun Video

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Last night, I covered the second consecutive international soccer match hosted in Baltimore. Inter Milan defeated Manchester City 3-0.

I wasn’t allowed to shoot video footage of the game itself, so I put together this scene piece on some of the fan activity throughout the stadium.

Although the game didn’t sell out and the stadium wasn’t full, people came out with loads of energy which I imagine was still built up from the World Cup several weeks ago. I’m satisfied with how that’s portrayed in this video.

It was refreshing to have some international flavor as well. This was my first time working alongside media from other countries. At one point, I found myself sitting in the press box, simply observing and listening as Spanish, English, American, and Italian reporters were all hard at work.

Ravens meet Manchester City soccer — Baltimore Sun Video

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Members of the Manchester City Football Club visited Baltimore Ravens training camp on Friday to throw and kick some footballs and soccer balls.

The Manchester players didn’t see to have any idea how American football works, but at the same time they seemed comfortable handling the football itself. They had absolutely no problems making field goals from 30 plus yards out.

It was also amusing to see some of the “small” Manchester City strikers dwarfed by Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and company.