Fun With Horses.

"A horse leaps over a post at the Mount St. Mary's University IHSA Show at Goucher College Saturday, October 2, 2010."

This image is nothing to write home about, but I’m posting it to encourage myself to go and shoot more. I went to my first Equestrian competition at Goucher last Saturday, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It’s not often that you can get so close to horses and watch them in action on a regular basis. At Goucher, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to do both. I’m disappointed in myself for waiting until my Senior year to watch these shows.

From a spectator standpoint, I’m intrigued by the elaborate scoring and judging system used at these competitions. As a photographer, I know there’s potential for excellent photographs around those stables.

The thought of taking a beginning riding class next semester has even crossed my mind!

2 thoughts on “Fun With Horses.

  1. Great picture! It actually takes a lot of practice to capture a horse jumping at just the right time. Often, you’ll see pictures that are either too early or too late. For what it is worth, the correct term is: “A horse leaps over a jump.” We wouldn’t say ‘post’ unless we were talking about a fence post. And, to bore you even more, each jump has names for its parts and its appearance or construction. For instance, this particular jump is made up of vertical poles and what we call ‘standards’ or ‘wings’. The wing standards are what holds everything up. Sitting in front of the jump is a stone wall, specifically, we call this wall an aqueduct. One more boring fact – you can tell which direction you are supposed to jump a jump not only by reviewing the course that has been posted outside the ring but by noticing which side, in this case, the wall is on. A rider knows that the side that is more built-out with filler (brush or flowers or flower boxes or walls or a ground rail) is the side they are supposed to jump from.

    As for scoring, it really isn’t that complicated but it is all subjective. So, one weekend, one judge might not like you and the next weekend, another pins you Champion.

    There! You are almost fully well-versed in the world of horse showing. It’s a very strange and mysterious world!

    1. Thank you so much for the information and caption correction! As I’m sure you can imagine, I had some trouble trying to write a sensible caption for this one.

      What you told me is not boring at all! I’m very intrigued by all of this, actually. Hopefully I’ll get more familiar with it as the year goes on. Thanks!

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