Snorgleblasters intramural soccer: Eyes on the prize

"Jeff McLeod '11, captain of the Snorgleblasters intramural soccer team, shoots on goal during a game against the Mighty Bites at Goucher College Sunday, April 24, 2011."

One of the things I thought a lot about while I sat at home last weekend recovering from a stomach bug was my sports portfolio. That probably stemmed from several upcoming Landmark Conference championship runs, including one from Goucher Women’s Tennis.

It’s now playoff season at Goucher, so I’m excited to start shooting lots of sports over the next two weeks. I’m hoping to make some nice additions to my collection of sports images.

On Sunday, I still wasn’t feeling up to sprinting up and down a soccer field, so I decided to shoot our intramural soccer game instead. I snapped a few keepers, but this was without a doubt my favorite.

So I’ll close it like this: Eyes on the prize – A Snorgleblasters championship victory, some Goucher Athletics Conference championship victories,  and a strong finish to Senior Year.

“Urban Chic:” Designers bring Spring styles to Goucher

"A student models off a 'Rimardo' dress designed by Richard Jones during the annual Umoja 'Urban Chic' fashion show at Goucher College Saturday, April 23, 2011."

This is something I’ve meant to shoot every year that I’ve been here, but for one reason or another, had never got there until this time around. Umoja, Goucher’s Black Student Union, hosts the benefit show every year to raise money for charity and to give local designers a chance for some exposure. 

I’ve never shot fashion, so I’m not sure if there’s a proper way to shoot a model walking down a runway. Then again, it’s a model walking down a runway, how complicated can it get? 

I enjoyed it, although some lighting effects would have added some atmosphere to the two rounds of models. The Athenaeum’s lighting at night time is so incredibly flat and boring. 

Regardless, it made me think about a part of the photography world that I’ve never really explored. 

Issue 13 – The Quindecim, The Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College

"The Quindecim, The Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College - Issue 13 - April 22, 2011 - Front Page"

Our second to last issue of the year was a collaboration of current editors, soon-to-be editors, and staff, which is what I’d hoped it would be going into it. 

It’s a nice issue overall, although there were several sloppy mistakes that shouldn’t be acceptable on any publication, let alone ours. These were mainly logistical in nature rather than content-related.

There was one mistake, though, that taught us a good lesson: whatever material you publish, no matter how small or insignificant you think it may be, will get read and can be used against you if done incorrectly.

That being said, we’ve got a strong head of steam going into production week of our final issue! I’ll have much more to say when that time comes along. 

Obama’s newest threats: Sanger speaks on media, unrest in Middle East

"David E. Sanger, chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times, addresses an audience in the Hyman Forum of the Athenaeum at Goucher College Thursday, April 14, 2011."

I’m a little over three weeks away from my last day of classes at Goucher College, and about five weeks from graduation. I’ve certainly reached the point where everything that’s happening here seems all too familiar. As for photography, at least, I’ve shot every angle on this campus that there is to shoot. 

There’s still an undeniable feeling of nostalgia, though, as these final weeks rush by. I remind myself not to get caught up in those ‘I’m so over it’ thoughts, and to not lose sight of the things I’ve loved about this place. 

One of those is the speakers that come to this campus. It’s particularly helpful as a journalist, given the frequent visits we have by professional reporters and editors from the world’s leading media outlets. It’s a nice compliment to what we’re taught in class and what we live through in our actual journalistic experiences. 

I asked David E. Sanger, the chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times, my usual cliché question: “What’s your advice for a young journalist?”

His answer has stuck with me, particularly in these weeks which have seemed to revolve around nothing but internships, jobs, and careers. 

“If you go into the industry with an understanding that you are not there as a newspaper reporter, but as a processor and interpreter of data – writing about it, explaining it in front of a camera, doing it on audio, talking about it on television – it’s all of these technologies converging. If you go into it like that, then it’s incredibly satisfying. And what’s the most satisfying part? You get up every morning and you don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s a pretty good thing. And the second thing is you get up every morning and you’re still excited about the work. I know more journalists who get up in the morning excited and thrilled to go into work than I do in almost any other field,” he said. 

Issue 12 – The Quindecim, The Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College

"The Quindecim, The Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College - Issue 12 - April 8, 2011 - Front Page"

Congratulations to Missy Ballinghoff and Shay Kettner, next year’s Co Editors-In-Chief of The Quindecim, for successfully putting their first issue to press! 

It’s a complete, twenty page issue full of solid articles. Unfortunately, the pages came out a little light, which was out of our control.

“It’s always a lot of work, but once you have it in your hands, and you see other students reading it, it’s worth it,” said Kettner. “We bonded as Co-Chiefs and we were able to prove that we could keep The Q alive,” added Ballinghoff.

 Their trial work over the past several weeks has proven that The Q is, without a doubt, in good hands next year.

A ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ night at Goucher College

"Students gather on the residential quad at Goucher College for an evening screening of David Wain's 'Wet Hot American Summer' Monday, April 11, 2011."

I knew that this film screening was happening outside last night, so I decided I’d pass the time between two meetings I had by fumbling around the quad with my camera.

It was a fitting end to a beautiful 80-degree Monday during which I accomplished little of what I originally intended to have done by now.

Phi Beta Kappa hosts discussion on revolution, social media


"Panelists field a question from the audience during a discussion titled "Revolution In 140 Characters: How The Internet/Social Media Are Affecting Global Politics" at Goucher College Monday, April 12, 2011."

Last night, I attended a panel discussion hosted by Goucher College’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, which I was recently elected into.

Among the panelists was my academic advisor and mentor, Dr. John Turner, who is always a pleasure to listen to. He and the other panelists spoke about the advantages and potentially harmful effects that the Internet and social media have in shifting global politics and in creating revolution. It’s a topic that couldn’t be more relevant, given all that’s transpired in the world over the past several months.

That’s why it was such a shame that this discussion was so poorly attended. That was to be expected, though, as it was scheduled at the same time as a lecture across campus by Jean-Michel and Céline Cousteau, the son and granddaughter of renowned oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

I had my camera with me so I grabbed some nice shots. I was most pleased with this one.

Goucher College Video: Baltimore taxes not to be raised after $65 million budget cut

Here’s our first project for the production phase of a New Media class I’m enrolled in at Goucher College this semester. Our assignment was to shoot, edit, and produce a one-minute video newscast about Baltimore’s recent budget cuts proposed by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

After we had our script finalized, production on this video went relatively quickly. It was nice to get away from Goucher’s campus for an afternoon and shoot footage in the city, and it was also a good chance for me to experiment with shooting video on my Canon still for the first time.

I took this as an enjoyable throwback to my summer multimedia internship at The Baltimore Sun, during which time I went out into Baltimore every day, shot videos like this, and prepared them for the web. The skills that I learned while I was there have been invaluable, not just for this project, but for the entire collection of multimedia work I’ve done since then.

Looking at this video with fresh eyes, I’ve caught a few minor details that could be tweaked, but this was a true group effort, and the results are superb for our first project.

Spring at Goucher: When will it be here?

"Raindrops cover a window overlooking the back of Welsh Hall at Goucher College Tuesday, April 5, 2011."

I woke up at 5 A.M. this morning to the sound of rain and wind slamming against my window. So, for some reason I felt like taking this photograph later on in the day.

It’s nothing special, but I haven’t been able to shoot much else over the past week. I’ve been focusing all of my time on my Senior thesis, tennis, and plans for life after Goucher.

I wish that the Spring weather would finally get here for good. It would make all those endeavors a lot more pleasant. Plus, I’m sick of aimlessly posting about rain.

Goucher College Dance: ‘Looked at but Not Seen’

“Georgia Speier ’11 performs during a dress rehearsal of Ashley Evans’ Senior Dance Concert ‘Looked at but Not Seen’ in the Todd Dance Studio at Goucher College Thursday, March 31, 2011.”

"Courtney Colarik '11 performs during a dress rehearsal of Senior Ashley Evans' Senior Dance Concert, 'Looked at but Not Seen,' Thursday, March 31, 2011."

Before last night, I hadn’t shot any dance in a few months. I was quickly reminded of how much I genuinely enjoy shooting dance performances like these, though. I’ve shot countless performances at Goucher, and the choreography and displays of light and color have consistently made for good pictures.

Looked at but Not Seen‘ was one of the best I’ve seen in that regard. I don’t know anything about dance, but visually, it was pretty stunning.

Chaotic moments with dancers and objects going in every direction were balanced by lonesome, quiet, and intimate ones.

I think these two photographs show that duality.