A trip to Gunpowder Falls

"Water rushes through a creek leading to the Gunpowder River in Bel Air, Maryland Sunday, May 15, 2011."

The forecast is calling for rain every day this week, so some friends and I decided to take advantage of the sunny weather yesterday and venture to Gunpowder Falls park about twenty minutes north of Goucher. It was a nice way to begin the Senior Week festivities leading up to graduation this coming Friday. 

We didn’t find the exact spot that we were looking for, but we stopped here and had a picnic. Of course, I ate quickly and then spent far too much climbing slippery rocks and making long exposures of the water. 

I was happy with this one. It’s a good one to add to my portfolio, which I published yesterday!

One thought on “A trip to Gunpowder Falls

  1. Hi B.J.,

    That’s very pretty. My cousins live in Bel Air and their daughter takes her little girls there sometimes. If I get over that direction again, I definitely would love to go there. We have a Blackhand Gorge here, a lot like that. Love to hike there. Glad you had a wonderful sunny weekend with friends. Have a wonderful Monday. 🙂

    Sherry Tellitocci

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