Goucher College Graduation week: Rainy, exhausting, exciting

"Public Safety Officers prepare to escort guests through the rain as they arrive for the Goucher College Baccalaureate ceremony Thursday, May 19, 2011."

Alas, yet another post about rain.

It seems like rain has unintentionally been a theme for me over the past few months. This post is about a celebratory occasion, though, so it’s far less dreary than some of the other rain posts

It didn’t stop raining for the entire week leading up to graduation. In fact, it seemed like the rain fell hardest precisely at the times when family and friends arrived en masse for the various ceremonies and recognitions. But even with the constant downpours, the festive mood remained intact, and come graduation time, the rain had lifted. 

The week was jam packed, each day filled with one event or party after another. In fact, I was so exhausted by the end of the week that I nearly fell asleep during the graduation ceremony itself. 

I have the feeling I wasn’t the only one.

Congratulations and good luck to the Goucher College Class of 2011!

One thought on “Goucher College Graduation week: Rainy, exhausting, exciting

  1. That was fun B.J. Glad the rain lifted. We have had too much rain in Ohio too. Say a little prayer we have graduation for my daughter from high school this weekend and a cook out (grilling) doesn’t do well in the rain.

    CONGRATULATIONS on graduation. My turn to be exhausted now.

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