Scranton Men’s Lacrosse holds Goucher from winning second consecutive Conference title

"University of Scranton Junior midfielder Mike Rufo celebrates after defeating Goucher College to win the Landmark Conference Men's Lacrosse Championship Saturday, May 7, 2011."

"Members of University of Scranton's Men's Lacrosse team celebrate after being named the Landmark Conference champions on Saturday, May 7, 2011."

"Members of the Goucher College Men's Lacrosse team sprint down the hill as part of their pre-game ritual before the Landmark Conference championship game Saturday, May 7, 2011."

"The Goucher College Men's Lacrosse team celebrates on the sideline after scoring the first goal of the Landmark Conference championship game against the University of Scranton Saturday, May 7, 2011."

"Midfielder John Curry '12 (right) celebrates with attacker Rory Averett '12 after scoring a goal against the University of Scranton during the Landmark Conference Men's Lacrosse championship game Saturday, May 7, 2011."

The Goucher College Men’s Lacrosse team fell to the University of Scranton in the Landmark Conference championship game last Saturday. The loss prevented Goucher from winning their second consecutive Conference title. The full story, along with my photograph, is here

As a four-year athlete for Goucher athletics, it was impossible to ignore my emotions while shooting this game. Such was the case last year as well, when I witnessed Goucher win a championship for the first time. 

It was difficult to swallow us losing, and it was even worse being given the responsibility of shooting the official championship team photo of Scranton for the Landmark Conference. But, as Goucher’s Athletic Director, Geoff Miller, mentioned to me on the field as Scranton received their championship t-shirts player by player, “Everyone has their time in the sun.”

Despite how painful it was shooting the Royals’ celebrations at the end of the fourth quarter, there’s no doubt that these images stand alone as valuable additions to my sports portfolio. I shot lots of nice action during the game, but regardless of the score, the day was all about emotions and energy. These photographs demonstrate that from both ends of the sideline. 

A silhouette

"Dancers perform during a dress rehearsal of Senior Arlynn Zachary's original work in Todd Dance Studio at Goucher College Thursday, May 5, 2011."

I shot this dance dress rehearsal last night. I was loving the silhouettes.

And now, time to work on my Senior thesis.

Musical Theatre performs RENT in front of packed house

"Emily Davies and Lousia Smith perform in Goucher Musical Theatre's production of RENT in Merrick Hall Thursday, May 5, 2011."

It’s fitting that the last full week of classes of my college career would be as crazy as it has been. It was one last week of running around campus from one event to another speaker to another performance to another sports game. 

But despite how stressful it can be at times, I’m glad I always kept myself overly busy at Goucher. That’s what college is all about.

I was only able to stay at RENT for the first half hour, but it was great to see an oversold crowd. In general, that’s a rarity for much of the student events at Goucher, particularly right before finals week.

The portion I was able to shoot was mainly comprised of dark shadows and single spotlights. The scenes looked a lot like the one here.  

Goucher Convocation 2011

"Professor Jill Zimmerman sits on stage awaiting the start of the annual Convocation ceremony in Kraushaar Auditorium at Goucher College Thursday, May 5, 2011."

Yesterday was Convocation, Goucher’s annual recognition of students earning honors in academics, leadership, service, and athletics. 

I was a bit surprised at how neutral I felt about the whole ceremony, given that Seniors are such a big part of it. It’s probably because it was such a long program, and all I could think about as I sat there was how much end of semester work I could have been getting done.

It does mark the beginning of commencement season, though, so I wanted to post a record of it. The seal of Goucher made for a nice backdrop, so I played around with it while students received their awards. 

Goucher Men’s Lacrosse advances to second consecutive Conference championship

"The Goucher Men's Lacrosse team lines up during the National Anthem before the start of the Landmark Conference semifinal vs. Susquehanna University at Goucher College Wednesday, May 4, 2011."

"Goucher defender Paul Taylor '11 (left) and Susquehanna midfielder Ryan Oakes '11 battle for possession during the Landmark Conference Men's Lacrosse semifinal at Goucher College Wednesday, May 4, 2011."

"Sophomore defenseman Bryce Carson shoots on goal during the Landmark Conference Men's Lacrosse semifinal at Goucher College Wednesday, May 4, 2011."

The Goucher Men’s Lacrosse Team defeated Susquehanna University 11-3 this afternoon to advance to the Landmark Conference championship game for a second consecutive year. Here‘s the full story. 

This was the first time I shot lacrosse this season, so it took the first half of the game for me to shake the rust off. But once I got my timing back, the shooting went well and I made a solid group of images. I liked these three. 

I rented a 400mm f/2.8 lens for the game, so it was a treat shooting with a real lens, for once. I’m a firm believer that a photographer can make great images regardless of his or her equipment, and not having big lenses available all the time has without a doubt made me a better photographer. There’s no denying, though, that a bona fide lens makes shooting a lot more fun. 

Be sure to check back for photographs from the championship game this coming Saturday, May 7. Let’s hope for a repeat. 

Two Tennis Shots.

"Sophomore Brett Blackman awaits the start of a women's tennis match at Goucher College Wednesday, April 27, 2011."

"The Goucher College Women's Varsity Tennis team huddles together after a Landmark Conference semi-final loss to the University of Scranton Wednesday, April 27, 2011."

I shot these last week at the Landmark Conference Women’s Tennis semi-finals. I’ve been meaning to post them, but I’ve been pretty one-track minded over the past week as the due date for my Senior thesis fast approaches. 

I’ll post more about my thoughts on Goucher College Tennis soon.