Fried Chickens – They’re Ready.

"Two girls hold signs advertising a fried chicken stand in Bridgeville, Delaware Sunday, June 19, 2011."

I went down to Bethany Beach last weekend with some friends. It was a relaxing weekend before starting work.

I had every intention of shooting some life in Bethany while I was there, but laziness turned out to be far more convenient. It wasn’t until the drive home that I started snapping out the window of the car. 

This one turned out well. The two girls both look so disinterested. 

One thought on “Fried Chickens – They’re Ready.

  1. Kind of a tradition here in Zanesville, Ohio where we live. The fire station here always has a chicken dinner for Father’s Day. Kind of look forward to it. I imagine the girls are not too excited about standing in the heat on the side of the road. 🙂 It’s a good picture, captured the disinterest pretty well, it makes me want to know what they are really thinking, i.e. would rather be doing. 🙂

    Thanks B.J. Keep taking pictures. Congratulations on the job with the O’s.

    Sherry Tellitocci

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