Baltimore Orioles Video Highlight Reel: My Time

Here’s my first video work published for the Baltimore Orioles. This video ran on the scoreboard at Camden Yards between innings throughout the last month of the season. 

I owe a special thanks to Ben Epstein of Orioles Productions for his killer editing of this reel. Not all of the clips that appear in this video are mine, but most of them are. It’s a combination of footage I shot handheld with my Canon 7D and footage shot by the television camera crew. 

As for what to look for, I shot about every photo that appears in the opening montage, and my video clips have a more handheld look and play with focus and depth of field a lot more. I’d say they make for about 80% of the video. 

It feels great to have gotten some video published this season, and it was always wild to see my own work up on the scoreboard during games. 

One thought on “Baltimore Orioles Video Highlight Reel: My Time

  1. That would be fun to see you video on the big screen. I went to a Columbus Clippers game here where I live and the screens around the stadium that show the players and the video clips were fun. That was one of the neat things that I remember even more than the game that night really. Good job Billie. 🙂

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