Photos: SL Benfica vs. ACF Fiorentina International Cup Soccer.

I’ve been very busy over the past several days, so it’s been tough to find time to catch up on my recent work. 

Here are a few images from an International Cup 2015 soccer match between SL Benfica and ACF Fiorentina at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut last week. The contest between the Portuguese and Italian teams was part of a larger series being played across the United States over the next several weeks. I was grateful to have received the call to cover the event for Getty Images. 

I haven’t shot soccer in awhile, so it took me a bit to get my rhythm back, but I settled in. The game itself didn’t bring a lot of action, and even a sudden death penalty shootout to break a 0-0 tie didn’t bring much raw emotion out in the players. Sometimes, sports are just like that. 

I had a great time, and it was refreshing to shoot something different. Thanks again to Getty Images for the opportunity!

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