Photos: Boston Red Sox Projections In Various Boston Locations.

This week, the Red Sox executed a five-night “wallscape” installation by projecting portraits of players and moments from the record-setting 2018 regular season onto buildings and in public spaces throughout Boston and Cambridge.

The series of projections included Mookie Betts’ reaction to his grand slam after his 13-pitch at-bat on July 12 against the Toronto Blue Jays, countless post-game Gatorade moments, Brock Holt celebrating with Andrew Benintendi following the left fielders walk-off home run on August 6 against the New York Yankees, and Jackie Bradley Jr.’s athletic catch in centerfield Memorial Day weekend.

The wallscape project was inspired by Erik Jacobs and his #standswithimmigrants campaign that included a projection of David Ortiz’s image on the field at Fenway Park.

This was such a fun project to be a part of. It’s neat to see your own images projected on such scale on buildings and landmarks throughout the city. Kudos to our marketing department on a great creative collaborative effort!

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