Video: My Soccer Ball Is My Prom Date.

This is a video I shot and edited for Elite Clubs National League Soccer (ECNL) as a promo piece for their 2014-2015 season social media campaign.

As we’re currently in prom season, and the audience of viewers in this league is mostly high school aged girls, we decided to make a spoof on prom with a simple concept – “I’m taking my soccer ball to prom.” It’s quirky, but I think it’s a funny concept and it was executed well. 

A huge thank you to the coaches, families, and players on the Boston Breakers team here in Boston for their help in setting up the actors and providing a venue to shoot in. It would not be possible without them!

Video: Photographer Profile – Sarah Robertson.

Click the four-arrow icon on the bottom right to watch this video in full screen!

This is a video profile I made of classmate and photographer friend of mine, Sarah Robertson. Those of us in the Multimedia for Photojournalists course I’m enrolled in at Boston University were each assigned to choose a student, set up and conduct a well-executed interview, and shoot b-roll video or still photos, all of which needed to come together to tell our subject’s story.

I’m pleased with how this turned out. I would have liked to shoot footage of Sarah actually working at one of the concerts she covers, but given the project’s deadline and both of our busy schedules, it wasn’t possible.

Regardless, this was a good experiment in shooting with a DSLR, lighting a subject, asking the right questions to get meaningful answers, and editing.

As usual, I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticisms, and questions!