Photos: Boston Children’s Hospital And OSRAM Light Up For Kids.

Last week, Boston Children’s Hospital announced a partnership with Osram, a global high-tech lighting company, to ‘Light Up’ the hospital and the City of Boston in an effort to support patients and their families throughout the winter months.

As part of the initiative, buildings and business around the City of Boston will simultaneously light up in blue, the hospital’s signature color, to show support for the city’s young patients. Blue light up wristbands and candles have also been distributed to patients and hospital staff members.

The announcement was made at a press event at the hospital, which I covered for Getty Images. 

Photos: Portraits Of Concert Pianist.

Here are a few portraits of concert pianist Lisa Weiss. These were shot in natural light but filled in with a Nikon speedlight firing off camera via pocket wizard remotes. 

Event Photos: Fuze Awards Banquet At Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

Here are some images at a recent event I was hired to shoot for Fuze, a Boston based company that specializes in business communication. These are a few images from their employee awards banquet at the Boston Park Plaza hotel. 

2017: Year In Review.

Where did the time go? I feel like it wasn’t so long ago that I was building this same year in review post for 2016. I enjoy looking back each year. It’s a good exercise every once in awhile. It helps you see how you’ve gotten better, but also how you need to learn and improve. 2017 was a crazy busy year, but that’s how I like things to be and I’m lucky that they were. I took on as much work as I could, and pushed myself hard this year.

Above is a gallery of my favorite images and favorite memories from 2017. Click on any individual photo to enlarge it. I’ve also included some of my favorite video pieces from the year. 

I completed my eighth year as a photographer working in Major League Baseball, and my sixth as a Boston Red Sox team photographer. This was our second year working as the newly formed Creative Services department within the marketing arm of the Red Sox. Already having a year under our belts, our group gelled so well, produced incredible content, and continued to set the standard in sports marketing. It’s a privilege to work along with the photographers, designers, creative directors, and social media gurus at the Red Sox. They are all so talented. As far as the photography itself, I tried to push the limits as far as access and storytelling, and I’m excited to build upon that work in shooting for the Red Sox in 2018. 

As in years past, I tried to navigate my full-time Red Sox schedule and take on freelance work. It was great to be back at the BNP Paribas Open with my good friends, and I loved returning to shoot the US Open in New York City for the first time since 2011. I wish time allowed me to shoot more tennis. I enjoy it so much. As you’ll see above, there were several unique sporting events that I got to cover for Getty Images, which I’m very thankful for. I also tried my best to find new clients and maintain relationships I’ve built over time with old ones.  

On the video side, I continued to shoot, edit, and produce work. Video is a never ending learning process for me. I’ve tried to up the production quality and value within my videos, and I hope to expand upon that as well in the new year. 

It was an eventful year in my personal life, too. I moved from Brookline over to Dorchester to become a homeowner for the first time. One new condo and new car later, I’m a happy guy but it’s time to start saving again. My girlfriend Alaina moved up to Boston from Baltimore after getting a job as a psychiatric nurse at Mass General Hospital. I am so proud of her, and feel so lucky to have her with me. I’m very thankful for the important people in my life – family, friends, colleagues, and mentors – who provide so much support and encouragement every day. You all know who you are.

Thank you as always for following along all year! Happy New Year!

Pumped for 2018.

Photos: New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans – Sunday, September 24, 2017.

Here are a few stills from last weekend’s game between the Patriots and the Texans. I was on hand to edit for the Getty Sport team, but filled in to shoot as well during a few key moments. Of course, all eyes were on both teams during the National Anthem, so I was out there to shoot the Patriots sideline as they kneeled. Looking forward to more football this year!

Photos: New England Patriots 2017 Opener Vs. Kansas City Chiefs.

Last week, I was lucky to have the opportunity to photograph the New England Patriots 2017 opener against the Kansas City Chiefs for The Players’ Tribune. The game had been hyped up for weeks ahead of time, as the Patriots were set to unveil their fifth Super Bowl Championship banner. In addition, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was set to make an appearance at the game in the wake of ‘Deflategate,’ so the night was rich with storylines to cover. Ultimately, the Chiefs got the last laugh, as they defeated the Patriots 42-27.

I had a great time shooting on my first assignment for The Players’ Tribune. I didn’t have any specific requirements, so I had the freedom to take risks and shoot with a blank slate. Here’s a gallery of some favorites in black and white. 

A big thanks to the team at TPT for having me on board! And a shoutout to my friend Dave in town from Baltimore, who I had to bail on last minute to shoot the game. 10 years later you finally made it on the blog.


Here is a gallery of photos from a recent wedding I shot with second shooter Lauren Foley on scenic Thompson Island in Boston Harbor. This stunning venue offered beautiful skyline views of downtown Boston with a classic Cape Cod beachy feel. 

A big thanks to Lauren & Mike for having us out to shoot and being such a great couple to work with!


Here are some photos I shot from a recent fashion and lifestyle session at The Verb Hotel in downtown Boston. These were shot for use on a blog and on social media. Thanks to Carolyn for being so great to work with, as always, and to The Verb for being so welcoming.


Here is a gallery of photos from a recent wedding I shot at Stonehurst, The Paine Estate in Waltham, Massachusetts. What a beautiful venue for a wedding! Thanks so much to Kate & Charlie for having me shoot their big day, and for being so fantastic to work with! 

Photos: Boston Lifestyle Fashion Shoot.

Here are some photos I shot from a recent fashion and lifestyle session in downtown Boston. These were shot for use on a blog and on social media. Thanks to Carolyn for being so great to work with!