Ugly Basketball.

"Members of the Johns Hopkins University and Goucher College men's basketball teams fight for a rebound during a 'Pride of Maryland Tournament 2011' opening round game Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland."

"Members of the Johns Hopkins University men's basketball team collide during a 'Pride of Maryland Tournament 2011' first round game at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland Tuesday, November 15, 2011."

I love shooting sports, but basketball is among my least favorites. There’s something about dark, yellowy lit gymnasiums that just doesn’t do it for me. 

At its roots, it’s not as pure of a game as other sports are. Often the only thing you see through your lens are clusters of bodies falling on top of one another, or, if you’re shooting from the baseline, bodies falling on top of you. Visually, I prefer sports with simple, clean lines and great light. You’ll get a sense of what I mean if you click here or here.

For me, those are refreshing to look at after the types of events I’ve been covering lately. 

Regardless, I shoot basketball when I need to, and I can make some good images when I do. I covered the opening round of the annual Pride of Maryland tournament at Goucher last Tuesday, and I liked these two as a pair. They show the uglier side of basketball. 

Goucher Men’s Basketball: Smiles on Senior Night


"Donté Brandon, a Guard on Goucher's Men's Basketball team, is greeted by a young relative during a pre-game ceremony honoring the team's four Seniors Saturday, February 12, 2011."

When our own Senior Day comes around later this semester, I want it to end with a win so we can have as good a time as the Goucher Men’s Basketball team seemed to have during their recent victory over Drew University. Here’s the full story which ran with another one of my photographs.

But despite the solid victory, most of my images from the night focused on the four Seniors and their families instead.

I need to improve my shooting technique when it comes to using flash, and I think it shows here. The coloring is off, but I still think it tells a great story.