Issue 8 – The Quindecim, The Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College

"The Quindecim, The Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College - Issue 8 - February 4, 2011 - Front Page"

We’re back to work at The Quindecim and we’ve already published a comprehensive first issue of the semester. It was impressive to see all of our staff from last semester come back to our first meetings and contribute such great content on a shortened deadline.

Once we received everything, it was the usual grind.

Three straight nights of layout, tough decision making, and early-morning coffee breaks made for a pretty tough week. Sometimes it makes me wonder why I do this in the first place.

Then I’m reminded when the paper hits campus on Fridays.

There’s nothing more refreshing then walking through our buildings and seeing students, faculty, and staff alike flipping through our pages. It’s quite a rush.