Scranton Men’s Lacrosse holds Goucher from winning second consecutive Conference title

"University of Scranton Junior midfielder Mike Rufo celebrates after defeating Goucher College to win the Landmark Conference Men's Lacrosse Championship Saturday, May 7, 2011."

"Members of University of Scranton's Men's Lacrosse team celebrate after being named the Landmark Conference champions on Saturday, May 7, 2011."

"Members of the Goucher College Men's Lacrosse team sprint down the hill as part of their pre-game ritual before the Landmark Conference championship game Saturday, May 7, 2011."

"The Goucher College Men's Lacrosse team celebrates on the sideline after scoring the first goal of the Landmark Conference championship game against the University of Scranton Saturday, May 7, 2011."

"Midfielder John Curry '12 (right) celebrates with attacker Rory Averett '12 after scoring a goal against the University of Scranton during the Landmark Conference Men's Lacrosse championship game Saturday, May 7, 2011."

The Goucher College Men’s Lacrosse team fell to the University of Scranton in the Landmark Conference championship game last Saturday. The loss prevented Goucher from winning their second consecutive Conference title. The full story, along with my photograph, is here

As a four-year athlete for Goucher athletics, it was impossible to ignore my emotions while shooting this game. Such was the case last year as well, when I witnessed Goucher win a championship for the first time. 

It was difficult to swallow us losing, and it was even worse being given the responsibility of shooting the official championship team photo of Scranton for the Landmark Conference. But, as Goucher’s Athletic Director, Geoff Miller, mentioned to me on the field as Scranton received their championship t-shirts player by player, “Everyone has their time in the sun.”

Despite how painful it was shooting the Royals’ celebrations at the end of the fourth quarter, there’s no doubt that these images stand alone as valuable additions to my sports portfolio. I shot lots of nice action during the game, but regardless of the score, the day was all about emotions and energy. These photographs demonstrate that from both ends of the sideline. 

Snorgleblasters intramural soccer: Eyes on the prize

"Jeff McLeod '11, captain of the Snorgleblasters intramural soccer team, shoots on goal during a game against the Mighty Bites at Goucher College Sunday, April 24, 2011."

One of the things I thought a lot about while I sat at home last weekend recovering from a stomach bug was my sports portfolio. That probably stemmed from several upcoming Landmark Conference championship runs, including one from Goucher Women’s Tennis.

It’s now playoff season at Goucher, so I’m excited to start shooting lots of sports over the next two weeks. I’m hoping to make some nice additions to my collection of sports images.

On Sunday, I still wasn’t feeling up to sprinting up and down a soccer field, so I decided to shoot our intramural soccer game instead. I snapped a few keepers, but this was without a doubt my favorite.

So I’ll close it like this: Eyes on the prize – A Snorgleblasters championship victory, some Goucher Athletics Conference championship victories,  and a strong finish to Senior Year.