"Student-athletes talk with a recruiter after listening to a career advice panel discussion at a networking event designed for graduating Seniors at Goucher College Tuesday, November 15, 2011."

This is about as exciting a photograph one can make at a networking event. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the discussions held and the questions raised while I was shooting, but visually, it was as ordinary looking as it gets. 

Sometimes that’s just how it is, and it’s important for me to keep in mind that I’m not going to make amazing pictures at every assignment I shoot. As long as I get quality images of what’s needed, then I’ve done my job. Such was the case from this event. 

If anything, it’s a good piece of PR for Goucher.

Goucher Convocation 2011

"Professor Jill Zimmerman sits on stage awaiting the start of the annual Convocation ceremony in Kraushaar Auditorium at Goucher College Thursday, May 5, 2011."

Yesterday was Convocation, Goucher’s annual recognition of students earning honors in academics, leadership, service, and athletics. 

I was a bit surprised at how neutral I felt about the whole ceremony, given that Seniors are such a big part of it. It’s probably because it was such a long program, and all I could think about as I sat there was how much end of semester work I could have been getting done.

It does mark the beginning of commencement season, though, so I wanted to post a record of it. The seal of Goucher made for a nice backdrop, so I played around with it while students received their awards.